Mobile Casino

Being mobile is a gift and being able to play casino games while on the move is even more of a gift. The mobile version of All Slots Casino is easily accessible from any smartphone or mobile device. Once the player has accessed the mobile casino and registered he benefits from new player bonuses and in addition gets to enjoy the wide choice of casino games that are offered. Each of the games is played in the same way as the main online casino with the only main difference being that the mobile casino uses touch and swipe controls and not a mouse to control the games.

Full Accessibility

The mobile casino is accessible at all times of the day and night and it can be carried around with the player. He does not have to be tied to one location in order to enjoy the casino games. All that the player needs to enjoy the mobile casino is the correct 3g or 4g settings on his phone that allows him to enjoy the games in real time. The security is intact and every transaction is encrypted at the mobile casino. Support is offered around the clock giving the player someone to turn to at all times. In short playing at the mobile casino is pure pleasure and can be very rewarding too.