Wooly World Slots

Wooly World Slots

If you love cartoon-style slots and you still get enjoyment from ones that have been around for a few years, make sure you check out the prehistoric Wooly World slot game. It hasn’t been around quite that long, but it uses the prehistoric times as inspiration for its theme. Let’s see what else we can dig up, shall we?

Reels and paylines for the Wooly World slot game

You get five reels to spin, with 20 lines to place your bets on.

Betting options to consider before you play

Coin values range from one cent to a quarter, but you can place up to 10 coins on each line as well. This gives you a lot of considerations to think about before you play.

Can you spot special symbols in the Wooly World game?

There is a caveman appearing as a wild symbol, landing on reels two and four if he pops up. He cannot replace the scatter icon though, and that looks like a wooly mammoth. We guess that is the inspiration for the title.

How about some free spins in this slot?

Yes, this is a possibility, and you need to find three scattered mammoths to do it. You don’t receive a standard quantity of spins though; instead, you will go to a second screen where you will see five animals. They’re all frozen in ice, so it’s your job to release three out of the five. This reveals how many spins you have won. Regardless of how many you end up with, you’ll receive 2x each prize value as a guaranteed multiplier.

What will you make of Wooly World?

It’s impossible to imagine what it would have been like to live during prehistoric times. Imagine seeing mammoths and other creatures during daily life. This theme doesn’t crop up a lot during slot games, so it is refreshing to see it here, despite the game’s age. The cartoon approach lends a timeless nature to proceedings though, so if you’re keen to play, we think you’ll find enough to keep you entertained if you do so. Meet the caveman and the mammoth and you’ll be on your way to some prize chances.