The Palace Group Slots

The Palace Group Slots

What can you expect to see in The Palace Group slot? For starters, we’ll say that’s a rather dull title for a slot game, but when you realize it comes from an organization called The Palace Group, it starts to make a little sense. You’ll find the game only at casinos within the group, so let’s see what might be in store.

Reels and paylines in this game

Expect five reels here and a regular set of 25 paylines.

Choose from the available betting options

You should find there are several available wagers to choose from. Set your budget first, so you know what you’re working with, and go from there.

Identifying the special icons in The Palace Group slot game

Look for the logo of The Palace Group to find the wild symbol. If you get this in a winning combination, you will receive 3x the usual prize you’d get. Elsewhere, you can spot a royal crown behaving as a scatter symbol. Watch out too for some other familiar symbols, as you find many of the mascots for various casinos within the group available on the reels of this game. It certainly turns it into a quirky title to try.

What about some bonuses?

There are some free spins available in this game. To get through to those, you need at least three scatters to appear in the same game. This will reveal the player selection bonus, which means you can decide how many free games you would like to play. There are 12, 16, or 24 games available, but before you choose, bear in mind that each option comes with a variable multiplier, so that might influence what you decide to do.

Get ready for some bonuses and special icons appearing in The Palace Group slot

This might be one of the most unusual themes we have seen for an online slot game. However, it does prove to be a unique one from that angle. You can expect a traditional format once you open the game though, so check it out today and see if you’d like to play for real.